Saturday, 29 November 2014

The Cat D8H arrives ...

Appreciation to Bruce Raymond for supplying the photos for this posting.

In this first photo, Sonny Raymond supervises as the new acquisition of the D8H is delivered from the low loader.

Raymond Bros CAT D8H
Les Raymond off loads the D8H

The D8H as seen from the front with the customised rake added. Note the make-do canopy.

D8H - front view with rake
Front view - D8H with customised rake added

D8H - rear view
Rear view of D8H

New Look with Canopy

A Caterpillar canopy is added for extra safety and comfort.

CAT D8H with new canopy - left view
View of Left side

CAT D8H with new canopy - right view
View of Right side

And now to work …

The 'Ripper'
The 'Ripper'

The 'Pusher'
The 'Pusher'

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Raymond Bros invent 'The Rake'

Welcome to another significant moment in the history of Raymond Bros - the design and production of 'The Rake'.

This invention would be placed on the front of the tractor. It was then used to push all the roots, branches, sticks and leaves into piles, after the clearing had taken place.

The Rake - designed and built by former Blacksmith, W R 'Sonny' Raymond. 

Both sons, Ron and Les, soon became proficient at using 'the Rake' as an attachment to their tractors.
This is Ron's turn.

Ron Raymond in front of 'The Rake' - note his famous penknife in its leather pouch on his belt.

Now, Les takes his turn for a 'Smoko'.

Les Raymond in front of 'The Rake' - a well earned break!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Caterpillar D8 - Paul and Tyson's infamous 'Cable'

Raymond and Sons took delivery of two Caterpillar D8's like this one - the previous post showed a D7 in the background - that was not being delivered. It was just a backdrop for the photo!


Monday, 1 October 2012

Little Beginnings - Big Ends

Looking out from the family home onto Moffatt street Goondiwindi, I remember the scene so well. My father, W.R. (Sonny) Raymond (2nd from right) and my brothers Les (at left) and Ron (at right) were taking delivery of what was then in the early fifties a huge tractor - the Caterpillar D7.

Mr Chas Solomon (2nd from left) had come from Hastings Deering, Brisbane, to carry out the handover. This was  a huge moment in the history of a small town, about to launch into the Earth Moving business.

Article appeared in Brisbane Truth on August 9, 1959.
Courtesy of June Raymond.

Initials of Ron Raymond on the blade.
Children Wesley, Sondra and Jo investigating the workings!

Claim to fame!
Article appeared in Brisbane Truth on August 9, 1959.
Courtesy of June Raymond.

Some more modifications!

On the low-loader and ready to go.