Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Caterpillar D8 - Paul and Tyson's infamous 'Cable'

Raymond and Sons took delivery of two Caterpillar D8's like this one - the previous post showed a D7 in the background - that was not being delivered. It was just a backdrop for the photo!



Paul said...

There she is! the D8H (hydralic)machine in the pic! the other was a cable machine (not sure why a cable) it's the difference between a scooter motorbike and a Honda Goldwing.... might have been something to do with the equipment they had at the time for eg stick rack, plough, scraper bucket.
Tyo & I (more so Tyo as he spent much more time on it) hated driving that cable cause if we broke a cable (not hard to do) while pulling scrub the other machine would have to stop as well & uncle or do a phew phew valve (bust a blood vessle) lmao

Aunty Jack said...

Thanks Paul - have to see if we can find an image of the Cable machine!

Didn't realise that you and Tyson worked on the tractors as another team! Sons of the Raymond Sons! Sons of a gun for sure!!!

Glenda said...

Aunty Jack, I may have photos of the cable machine, going through them now. Glenda